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With over a decade of coaching, speaking, and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, Stephen's view is radically different. He appreciates, and shares with listeners, that a person’s WHY is a moment-to-moment awareness and not about what others call success, wealth or achievement.  
Stephen, often praised for his ability to connect with and inspire a group, is a bit of a people whisperer. He is known for his practical, street-savvy approach and ginger charm; Stephen's fusion of real-life stories, humor and his conversational techniques connect with his audience at an intimate, intense and individual level.
Stephen served as the co-founder for the Native Nations Celebrate Recovery launch in 2016, helping to establish over 50 new drug, alcohol and abuse rehab and support centers inside the Sovereign Nations. He is a Certified Brain Health Specialist with the Amen Clinics and continues to work with the best and brightest in the entrepreneurial and leadership field.
The author of the soon to be released, “The Heart of the Entrepreneur: Dying to Win” Jackson’s heartfelt and penetrating conversations have been shared with people around the globe. 
Prior to his motivational efforts, Stephen, a business owner by necessity and passion, created and managed an award-winning insurance corporation that broke national sales and consistency records 7 years in a row. His most valued roles however are that of husband and father to his 3 ginger boys.
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Generational Collision
In the most diverse and unique time in workforce history, we have 5 generations vying for a voice and place in the market. This has created a great melding pot with an assortment of talents, expertise and world views. It has also brought controversy.

According to PEW research over 50% of the workforce are millennials, by 2020 20% will also be gen Z. With overall human population consisting of 32% Gen Z, recently surpassing millennials at 31.5%. Not only are companies targeting consumers of a younger flavor, they’re catering and crafting workplaces to engage their newly recruited employees.

What about traditionalists, boomers and Gen X? How do we not just try to handle or manage this wide array of talent, but unleash it?

How are companies supposed to navigate the waters and dictate which voice, opinion or methodology is right for each marketing, advertising or sales situation?

As a Xennial or cusper of Gen X, married to a millennial with gen Z children we will walk through common stories of past, present and undoubtedly common future experiences.

Key Takeaways:
1. The good news regarding interactive leadership training and collaboration.
2. How to address technology first and stay relevant in each generation
3. How to present opportunity and value for every generation.

How to Find and Develop Your Passion into A Profitable Business
Imagine waking up and your bank accounts are full to over flowing only to realize that your business just made it onto Inc. 5000. You pick up your phone and your Twitter, Instagram and social media following has exploded! Your every sales and marketing goal is not only met but exceeded! Your wildest dreams are now a reality! Everybody knows your name; reads your book, buys tickets to hear you speak. You have a thriving following that lines up to purchase your products and pay to have you coach them. You are the MAN! Or WOMAN with all due respect to all the Lady Bosses out there.

Now, let me ask you a question and I want you to be honest. Have you succeeded?

Maybe you’re already in that boat and you’re asking yourself, “Am I succeeding?”

Most people are oblivious to their own definition of success much less the conditions necessary for their fulfillment. Instead we end up following another man’s definition of success or happiness and experience less joy and abundant life than God intended for us.

As humans let alone entrepreneurs, we’re in a battle. Against mediocrity, sub-par standards and the dance of another man’s drum. This lifestyle and go-with-the-flow mindset is robbing us, our loved ones and those in the world who’re awaiting our message of liberation. It exacts a toll. It erodes our purpose. It corrupts our passions.

You deserve better. You deserve your own version of success, but at what cost, and what does that even look like?

It’s not a band aid fix. It can’t be hyped. You certainly can’t buy it.

We must find a culture deep remedy. And it starts with you.

Key Takeaways:
1. How to find your passion and align it with your purpose.
2. How to find your rock-solid “Why” and key motivators. 
3. How to effortlessly create success producing environments.

Why Millennials are at the Heart of Healthy Entrepreneurship
Your business is a spoiled toddler—it knows no boundaries. It doesn’t comprehend the word no. It follows the impenetrable logic of a two-year old. 
• If I see it, it’s mine
• If I have it, it’s mine
• If you have it, it’s mine
• When in doubt, it’s mine. 
And like a salty two-year old your business needs strong boundaries, and leadership focused on the healthy end goal. Your heart needs to be the one to set that goal. 
Working 14 to 16-hour days seven days a week is something you are gradually sucked into. It starts with a late night, and missing dinner with your family. Then begin the promises. As soon as this deal is done, or this client is landed then you’ll relax. Once you make that next goal life will go back to normal. 
But it won’t. 
Like a manipulative child your business will tantrum for more and more of you. You can never throw enough candy at it! You have to set boundaries, or your business will bleed you dry. 
The pressure is designed to make you compromise. Every day we face financial, legal, or relational pressures and if we allow it, they will have us running around like a chicken with its head cut off. 
So how do we do it? How do we stop dying to win and preferably keep winning, right? You’re already at these cross-roads. You’re already on this journey, whether you’re a seasoned business owner, start-up, a seven-figure earner, or in debt up to your eye balls. We all stand on level ground today. The same two options stand before us all. 
Pay now or pay later. 
Key Takeaways:
1. The one thing millennials are doing that has changed business forever...and it has nothing to do with technology. 
2. The number one thing millennials want right now and how you can apply it to your business 
3. The real secret on how to create a lasting legacy, empowering your team and successor

Tell me what you want.
I mean what you really want...
Not what you were told to want,
or what society says you should do--
But the Deep Down,
Hands Off,
No Worries,
Look Mom I'm flying--
That kind of want.
Find it & live for it... that's the PRICELESS life,
And it starts with why...

We are the Dreamers
And we're not for everybody. 
Our tribe is different. 
We work, create, invent, and
innovate but not just for materialistic gain. 
There is a richer purpose we crave...

We want a life reborn, overflowing, connected, 
Full of meaning--not wanting
Built on giving--not taking. 
Something we call
 the 'PRICELESS life'

It is the merger of Purpose and Productivity, 
and it's different for all of us.

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